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Polished Concrete In A Commercial Setting: Facts To Know

The floor in your commercial space serves a major purpose, and it really should be something you take the time to consider before settling on the type of flooring you believe you should have. However, there is one type of flooring that often gets overlooked: polished concrete. Polished concrete is essentially regular concrete that has a thin slurry coat over the top that is polished to a high-gloss sheen. Take a look at some of the things to consider if you think polished concrete could be right for your business. 

Polished concrete is a more cost-effective flooring option. 

When you think about the structure of the typical building, you already have the concrete floor in place due to the foundation. You could cover the floor with something else, but why should you pay the money for this process when you already have a good and durable walking surface in place? The top layer of the concrete can be polished to perfection so it looks nice, and you will not have to pay more money just to add some other type of flooring that will need replacement in a few years. 

Foot traffic is not going to cause a lot of problems for polished concrete. 

Some types of flooring that are commonly used in commercial spaces are not going to stand up all that well to heavy foot traffic. For example, commercial carpet can sustain a lot of wear and tear with a lot of foot traffic, and something like ceramic tile can even get worn spots. Polished concrete is far more resilient; even the heaviest foot traffic is likely not going to make a huge difference over time. At worst, you may see some areas lose their shine, but the spots can also be repolished and buffed to bring back their new-like sheen.  

Polished concrete is an easy flooring type to keep clean. 

Polished concrete naturally has a nice finish that is easy to keep clean. It is resilient to typical cleaning methods and substances used during commercial cleaning practices as well. The polished finish is also going to help prevent dirt and debris from getting stuck on the floor's surface where it is difficult to remove. If you are looking for a type of flooring that is easy to keep clean, this really can be a good option. When you compare this to something like commercial carpet or tile, there is no comparison really. 

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