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3 Features To Look For When Shopping For Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile comes in different shapes and colors, so it's a good flooring option for every room of your home. Porcelain has unique qualities because of the way that it's manufactured, and these qualities make porcelain durable and easy to care for. The tiles are fired at high temperatures, so they are denser than plain ceramic and better for use in high-traffic areas. Here are three features of porcelain tile to look for when shopping for new flooring.

1. The Water Absorption Rating

When choosing flooring for your home, consider porosity, hardness, and texture. Porosity is important because this affects how easily the flooring will soak up spills and stain. Porcelain has low porosity since it's dense, so it repels liquids rather than soaking them up. That makes porcelain a good choice for a kitchen or bathroom floor.

Look for the water absorption rating on tile you'll use in the bathroom so you choose the right tile for a shower floor or for use outdoors. Porcelain has a low water absorption rate naturally, so the rating is most important when the tile will be used in an area that is wet frequently.

2. The Coefficient Of Friction Rating

Texture is important because you don't want the flooring to be slick when wet. When you look at porcelain tile for sale, check the COF rating on the label, as this coefficient of friction rating reflects how much traction the surface supplies. A high COF rating is good for tile you'll place in the bathroom or other areas that might get wet. You can also apply an anti-slip coating to porcelain after it's installed to make it less slippery.

3. The Hardness Grade

Hardness is also important for tiles in rooms that get a lot of foot traffic or in areas near entry doors where your family is likely to carry in grit on their shoes. Porcelain tiles are graded according to hardness and quality. The lowest-rated tiles are for wall use while the best grade is tough enough for commercial use. The harder the porcelain, the better it resists scratching and other damage.

While these three factors are important to consider when shopping for new porcelain tile, appearance is also important. You can choose white tiles to make a small bathroom seem larger or you can choose earth colors for a sunroom, or outdoor kitchen. You can choose tiles shaped and colored like wood planks.

You can even mix colors and create a mosaic floor for your entry or bedroom. You have the ability to let your artistic nature show when you choose porcelain tile flooring since it's available in different colors, so porcelain is perfect for any room of your home and will last for years without the need for a lot of care.