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Luxury Vinyl: Which Floors In Your Home Should You Do?

Luxury vinyl flooring is a beautiful flooring style that is known to last and remain attractive for years to come. What makes vinyl so great is this: you have the ability to replicate many flooring types that are either costly or hard to care for — like hardwood or ceramic tile — without the actual cost.

A quick home upgrade you can do is adding luxury vinyl tile to floors in the home that are the most-used. Hardy, easy to clean, durable, and beautiful, luxury vinyl is a great way to go. Not sure which rooms to service? Use this guide to assist you.

Your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in your home. Put luxury vinyl flooring in your kitchen area so you have floors that are exquisite in design and that are both easy to clean and are water-resistant as well. Styles to consider for the kitchen include faux granite or ceramic tile or even a classic tile pattern to make your kitchen stand out in a classic way.

Your living room

The living room is one of the best rooms to re-floor with vinyl flooring. This room can be made brighter and more modern with rich golden hardwood-style tones or given a rustic appeal with natural stone patterns. For a more contemporary design in the living room, mix and match hardwood flooring colors and designs for a custom floor that is both luxurious and beautiful in its allure.

Your bathroom

For the bathroom, water-resistant luxury vinyl can be very beneficial. Your bathroom floor is easier to care for when you choose flooring that is easy to sweep and clean up when water spills. Since the bathroom is a falling risk, consider textured luxury vinyl flooring for this area of the home. This way, you have greater protection and beauty in this living space.

Your home office

A home office that is outfitted in luxury vinyl flooring instead of classic carpeting has a more professional allure and feels more like an office than just a quiet part of the home. Choose a subtle vinyl flooring design for the home office so the space is not a distraction. Solid colors for the flooring are ideal for the home office.

Whether you want a mini home makeover or you just want to replace older flooring in the home, luxury vinyl flooring is worth considering. Speak to a local flooring service for more information about luxury vinyl floors.