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Repairing Your Damaged Dairy Brick Flooring

Dairy brick is one of the more beautiful and durable types of flooring that you can have. However, it will not be impervious to damage, and you may find that you will need a professional that can perform dairy brick repair. Unfortunately, you may not be completely aware of the damages that a dairy brick floor can suffer.

Damaged Grout

The grout that holds the bricks together will play an integral role in the brick. Unfortunately, the grout will be able to suffer damage as a result of aging or other issues. Often, this will manifest as the grout between the bricks becoming flaky and brittle. When this occurs, it will lead to the bricks becoming loose, grout flakes migrating through the building and degradation in the appearance of the flooring. Luckily, damaged grout can be replaced without the need for the entire floor to be replaced. However, homeowners should avoid delaying this repair as it can be possible for one of the bricks to become loose from this problem, which could pose a tripping hazard.

Discolored Bricks

One of the reasons that individuals will enjoy the look of dairy brick flooring is due to its rich colors. Unfortunately, the discoloration can occur to this type of flooring, and it can dramatically alter its appearance. While this problem may seem like it will ruin the appearance of your floor, it can often be corrected by professional dairy brick restoration services. These professionals will have tools and specialized cleaning chemicals that will be able to safely lift out these colors without further compromising the rich red color of your brick flooring.

Impact Damage To The Bricks

If heavy items are dropped on the floor, it can cause cracks and chips to form in the brick. In addition to compromising the appearance of the flooring, this can also lead to further damage occurring. For example, these chips and cracks will represent weak points in the bricks that will be far more susceptible to water damage and spreading. Unfortunately, there is no effective way of completely avoiding this potential damage, but you can have bricks that have suffered this damage replaced. While this may seem like a job that any homeowner will be able to complete, it can be surprisingly difficult to remove and replace a brick without inadvertently causing damage to the neighboring bricks. To avoid the risk of causing further damage to your floors, a dairy brick repair contractor should be hired to complete any of this needed work.