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Have Cat Urine on Your Hardwood Floor? Tips to Get the Smell Out

If you have a cat that urinated on your hardwood floors, you know how bad this can smell. No matter what you do, you may not be able to get the smell out. Fortunately, you can hire a hardwood flooring service company to help you with this.

Sand and Refinish the Hardwood Flooring

The hardwood flooring services company will start out using a hardwood floor cleaner just in case the urine is not deep into the wood. They have much stronger cleaners that you cannot purchase on your own. If their hardwood floor cleaners do not work, however, they will start with the next step. 

The floor will be sanded enough to remove the top layer that has the urine soaked into it. An electric sander is often used to make the process easier and faster. Steel wool will be used over the area that was sanded to complete the process. The next step is to refinish the floor. This will bring the flooring back to its original beauty. To do this the contractor will buff the hardwood flooring and place the finish on the flooring. The finish is brushed on the hardwood flooring in a single coat. Once this coat is completely dry, a second coat of finish is applied to the flooring. A third coat may be applied but this will depend on the contractor. 

Remove the Hardwood Flooring

If the urine is very deep or is on a large area of your hardwood flooring, removing and installing new hardwood flooring may be your only choice. If the urine is in only one area of the flooring the contractor can remove only this area completely and replace it with new flooring.

Deciding to replace your entire floor is a big decision. This is because it is a very large expense. You will have to pay labor charges to remove the old flooring and install the new flooring. What you are charged will depend on the hardwood flooring services company that you hire. One thing to consider is that you can choose a new type of wood for your flooring.

The hardwood flooring services company that you hire will make suggestions to you to help you in your decision of what you should do. The flooring services company can also show you different types of wood available just in case you want to replace the flooring with a new type of wood.

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