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Under Your Feet, There's a Nice Floor Do you know the feeling you get when you step onto a nice fall? What, exactly, a nice floor is may depend in part on your personal preferences. Some people really like hardwood, while others think carpet is the premier type of flooring. Also, some types of flooring work better in certain rooms than in others. For example, hardwood looks lovely in a dining room but is not the best choice for a bathroom. As you can see, there is a lot to know about flooring. That's why we are proud to offer an array of articles all about flooring right here on this website.



Look For Great Floor Sales

If you are at the point where you're choosing the floor treatment for your new house, maybe you're looking for ideas. Read on for some useful tips that might help you make your selections.

Start By Dividing Your House Into Areas - Once you do that, it will probably be easier for you to choose the flooring.

  • The living room and dining room might count as one area. 
  • The kitchen and utility room are another area that will need flooring.
  • Bathrooms might be divided into kid's bathrooms and the master bathroom. 
  • A family room could count as an area all by itself.
  • You'll probably want different floor treatments for your master bedroom and the kid's bedrooms. 

If you have additional rooms that have not been listed, say an entertainment room or a home library, list those rooms, too.

Once you've divided your house into areas that will need flooring, you'll be ready to shop.

If you are wanting to establish a feeling of formality in your living room and dining room, consider buying dark hardwood floors with an elaborate pattern. For instance, a hardwood floor with a diamond pattern would add interest to the design.

Luxury vinyl is a good choice for the utility room and the kitchen. It's affordable, easy to install and a cinch to maintain. Also, it's waterproof so it can be wet mopped. It comes in many different styles. For instance, choose vinyl that looks just like wood. If your kitchen is next to the dining room or living room, choose a wood look that complements the real wood flooring in the more formal rooms. 

The kid's rooms would be a good place to install vinyl flooring, too. Top them with area rugs that the children will love. For instance, choose an area rug with a road traffic design for a boy's room. A princess theme area rug for a little girl's room would be another good choice. Or, go with a rug that has a colorful handprint design for either a girl's room or a boy's room. 

Even if carpet would not be a practical choice for the children's bedrooms, that doesn't mean that you can't choose carpet flooring for your master bedroom. If you choose carpet for your master bedroom, go with a color that will set the mood you want to establish. For instance, for a dramatic feeling, choose something like turquoise for the color of your carpet. For a serene feeling, go with a neutral color like mocha or light grey. 

That leaves the bathrooms. Consider going with tile. Choose a fun pattern for the children's bathrooms. Choose tile for the master bathroom that will complement the flooring in the master bedroom. For instance, if you go with grey carpet, tile with a grey and white swirled design for the master bathroom would be a good choice. 

As you look for floor sales, don't forget to consider the price of installation. And, be sure to tell the agent from the flooring facility the exact dates that you will want delivery.