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Hardwood Flooring: Keep Or Replace?

If you're lucky enough to live in a home where you have natural hardwood floors, you're left with a predicament if the floors aren't the exact style or condition you're wanting. Or, you're left wondering if the floors are best being replaced if your hardwood flooring is in an area where it's not often commonly found, like in the bathroom or basement. What do you do when you have hardwood floors and you aren't sure if you should keep them?

Use this guide to help you determine if it's best to keep or replace your hardwood flooring. If you choose to keep your existing hardwood flooring, you can have the hardwood refinished and sanded to meet your needs. Choosing to replace your hardwood flooring is also a great way to customize your floors and choose more modern designs. Should you keep or replace your hardwood flooring? Here's where you can find out.

It depends on the condition of the flooring

Do you have hardwood flooring that is aged, dried out, and overly worn? You can restore the hardwood flooring if you appreciate the classic or vintage hardwood underneath, but you might benefit as well from just replacing the hardwood flooring if you're not a fan of the wood entirely. You can replace old hardwood flooring with more modern or water-resistant flooring as well.

It depends on your budget

Sometimes it's cheaper to replace hardwood flooring with new and contemporary flooring solutions, particularly if the old hardwood is rotted, stained, or worn deep into the grain. Unless hardwood flooring is historic or rare in its application or design, you might be better off replacing your hardwood flooring if you have a smaller budget.

It depends on your taste

In the end, whether you should keep or replace your hardwood flooring is dependent on your personal taste. Do you love your current hardwood floors but think they could use some sanding and sealing? Do you want to keep your hardwood floors but have them stained to mimic other styles and trends in hardwood? If you want to benefit from the current hardwood flooring you have, you can, all while making your floors more modern and enjoyable as a result.

There's no right or wrong way to approach replacing or keeping your hardwood flooring, so long as you take into consideration the biggest benefits of both sides. Allow a hardwood flooring specialist to assist you with all your flooring installation or restoration needs.