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Carpet Can Be Bad With Pets

If you have carpet throughout your home and you have pets, then you may be tired of trying to keep up with the cleaning of your carpet. You can learn more about some of the reasons why having the carpet removed and replacing it with some type of hard flooring may be better for your situation by reading this article. 

Pet dander collects in the carpet

When you have pets, then their dander will end up in the carpet. A lot of people have allergies, and their allergies can be triggered by pet dander. This means that having carpet can increase the number and severity of allergy attacks they end up having. Also, keep in mind that many other allergens will end up in the carpet as well, like dust and pollen. When you have the carpet replaced with hard flooring, you can sweep all those allergens right up and keep your home a lot more allergy-friendly. 

Pet oils will get in the carpet

Your pet can leave pet oils in the carpet from their coat when they lie on the floor. This may not be a problem if they usually lie in their bed. However, if they have a few areas of carpet they like to lie on, then they can end up staining the carpet. Not only will this leave the carpet looking dirty, but it also causes the house to smell. 

Pet fur can get all over

Pet fur can be very hard to keep up with depending on the time of year and the type and breed of pet that you have. You can vacuum the floor only to have more fur to clean up shortly after you have finished. Also, depending on just how much fur you are trying to keep up with, you may find it hard to keep a vacuum cleaner working properly. 

Pet stains can be hard to get rid of

Even if your pets are housebroken, there can still be times when they have accidents in the house. You may have been gone longer than you meant to be, or your pet may have an upset stomach from something they weren't supposed to eat. This can lead to accidents or other stains on your carpet. These types of stains can be hard to get out, but hard flooring can be easily cleaned.

If you are thinking about replacing your carpets with hard flooring, a flooring contractor can offer advice and help you choose what flooring will work for you. Reach out to a local flooring company for more information.