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What Repairs to Expect When You Have Dairy Brick Flooring

Dairy brick flooring is popular for businesses and residential homes. The bricks can be used in kitchens, patios, and walk-in refrigerator units. When you choose to have this type of flooring, there are certain repairs that you should expect. Here are a few of the more common repairs and what to expect with each one. 

Grout Erosion

Grout erosion is a common issue with dairy brick floors. The grout can erode due to water, humidity, and general wear and tear on the area. For this repair, the contractor will take two steps. The first is to replace the joints of the dairy brick floor to give a better hold for the grout and the stabilizing of the brick. The second step is to use a modern material for the grout that will not break down as easily and will have higher durability under daily use. Many of the modern grout options also help reduce the chances of bricks cracking around the edging of the grout. 

Brick Drainage

A leading contributing factor to dairy brick erosion is bad drainage. This can be the drainage located around drainage grates or the angle of the bricks that allow water to flow to the grates. When this happens, a contractor will need to come in and remove the dairy brick. After removing the brick, the contractor will replace the floor and work on the foundation to offer a better drainage angle. The bricks and grouting will then be replaced along with new drainage grates. 

Protective Coatings

You may eventually notice that the bricks are breaking, cracking, or that the grout and brick are having numerous issues. This can be due to several factors, but there is one thing that the contractor can do to help. They can install a protective coating over the bricks and grout. This coating, which is usually a form of epoxy, can be placed over the area. The coating is slip-proof and can help water drain better as well as cut down on the actual dulling and wear and tear on the bricks themselves.

Before you need dairy brick repairs, consider contacting flooring companies like Archway Brick and Tile. They can come to your location and inspect the bricks. During this inspection, they can tell you what areas need attention, where you may have issues already, and where you can change some things to ensure that you do not need to have costly repairs later. They can also discuss upgrade options including new grout and alignment of loose or raised bricks.