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Hardwood Flooring Solutions To Give Your Renovations Natural Custom Floors

Today, there are a lot of options for natural hardwood floors to install in your home. Rather than the conventional wood floors, you may want to choose options that give your renovations a unique design. The following hardwood flooring solutions will help give your home a more attractive design:

Use Less Conventional Hardwood Materials

The conventional hardwood materials used for household flooring are often standard widths and oak. Today, there are many more options, which give you choices for the type of wood floors you have installed in your home. Some of the less conventional options you may want to consider for your new floors include:

  • Engineered wood flooring products and alternatives like bamboo
  • Tropical hardwood flooring materials that provide durable surfaces
  • Unique domestic hardwood materials like cherry and pecan

The less conventional hardwood floors will give your home renovation project a more unique design. These materials can also give you more choices for the colors and tones of the new floors you have installed in your home.

Change the Width of the Flooring Planks

Conventional hardwood floors are narrow planks of materials like oak. Today, there are also options for changing the width of the planks in the floors. These can be wider planks that help give your floors an interesting look. In addition to the wide-plank floors, there are also options to combine different widths of materials to create patterns and one-of-a-kind designs with the wood flooring you have installed.

Create Inlaid Designs for Custom Hardwood Flooring

Inlaid design features are another option that you will want to consider when installing hardwood. Today, inlaid wood floor features can be used for custom designs and features like bordering around a room or area. There are also prefabricated materials that can be used to add these inlaid features to your new wood floors.

Use Hardwood Floor Finishes to Create a Custom Look

The finishes can also be used to create the custom look you want for your floors. You can use different stains to create contrasting colors and patterns for wood flooring. There are even bleached wood materials available that can be used to create lighter color pallets for these types of designs with stains. After the staining, the floors can be finished with a protective coating to help preserve the colors. If the flooring needs to be water-resistant, clear epoxy coatings can be used to protect the colors in the finish.

The design of your hardwood flooring can be unique to give your home renovations custom features. Call a hardwood flooring service and ask about these custom designs for the new floors in your home.