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3 Indisputable Signs It's The Right Time To Refinish Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood is one of the best flooring materials in the market. It gives your home a unique finish, provides warmth, and is an excellent heat and sound insulator. Typically, hardwood is a low-maintenance flooring material. However, with time and constant usage, the floors get can start to wear out. As the homeowner, you should always watch out for signs indicating that your hardwood floor is deteriorating and needs to be refinished. When you get a professional to refinish your hardwood floor, you restore its functionality and make it look new.

Here are the three main ways you can tell when your hardwood floor is damaged and needs refinishing.

When the Floor Is Full of Scratches

One of the basic ways you can tell that your floor is damaged and that you need to refinish it is when it gets visible scratches. A few scratches from pet paws and other tough materials are not enough reason to worry. However, if the damage is extensive and extends to a larger part of the floor, you should hire a professional to refinish it. 

Professional contractors use sanding when refinishing the floor to smooth down all the scratched areas. After the floor surface has evened out, the refinishing technician will apply a quality sealant to protect it from further damage.

When the Floors Have Signs of Water Damage

Small amounts of water sitting on the surface of your hardwood floor for a short time might not be a big issue. In fact, you can use a piece of cloth to wipe it away and dry the floor. However, if your house recently suffered a flood, a burst water pipe, or other sources of water damage, and the moisture has dampened the floor for a while, you might need to refinish the floor.

The flooring technician will start by checking the extent of the water damage to find out if it's likely to worsen. They will then apply a finish, to coat the entire floor and protect it from developing mold and other moisture-related problems.

When the Floors Start Changing Color

Another indicator that you might need to refinish your hardwood floor is when it changes color. Most people believe that wood turns grey with age and that it's a natural process. However, wood only starts turning gray when the material covering it wears off, and the inner layers are exposed to water damage. It would help if you hired a professional to refinish the floor as soon as it starts changing color. If you don't do it in good time, you might have to re-floor.

These are the three easy ways you can know when it is time to refinish your hardwood floor. To restore the initial appearance of your hardwood floor and extend its lifespan, talk to a local professional about hardwood refinishing.