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Installing Vinyl Plank Floors In Your Home

Vinyl plank flooring systems can be an effective and affordable flooring system to use in your home or business. However, it is a type of flooring that may be misunderstood due to some common myths being spread about this option.

Myth: Vinyl Will Always Be A Low-Quality Flooring Option

Individuals will often assume that vinyl flooring will always involve placing a sheet of laminate over their existing flooring. While this is one type of vinyl flooring, plank-style vinyl flooring can be a more attractive and durable option. This type of flooring system will be composed of a series of fairly thick vinyl planks that can be installed in the same way as traditional types of tile or wood. By using this option, you can balance the cost of the new flooring while ensuring that your building will have high-quality flooring that will look great and withstand wear.

Myth: Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring Will Make Your House Harder To Clean

Vinyl flooring is often assumed to be more difficult to clean than other types of flooring, such as wood. However, vinyl plank flooring is actually among the easiest types of flooring to keep in good condition. This can make it a popular option for homeowners that are wanting to reduce the amount of work that will need to be done to keep their floors in good condition. This is largely a result of this flooring being resistant to staining. As a result, light mopping should be all that is needed to effectively keep your vinyl plank flooring clean.

Myth: It Is Impossible To Repair Scratches And Cracks In Vinyl Plank Flooring

Any type of flooring system will be vulnerable to developing scratches. This is often the result of furniture sliding across the floor, rocks on the bottom of shoes, and other potential sources. Vinyl is typically very resistant to develop scratches, but if these scratches do form, it is possible to repair the vinyl flooring without having to replace the damaged planks. Composite resins can be used to close any scratches in the vinyl flooring so that they will have minimal impacts on the appearance of the floor. Before applying a repair resin to your vinyl floors, they should be thoroughly cleaned so that any dust or dirt that is on the floor will be removed. During this preparation work, you must clean in the scratch itself so that the resin will be able to bond to it as well as possible.

To learn more about using luxury vinyl plank flooring, contact a flooring contractor in your area.