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The Ultimate Buying Guide: What To Look For When Purchasing Vinyl Flooring

If you are currently renovating or building your home, you might be looking for the perfect flooring. Contractors and homeowners looking for affordable, versatile, and appealing flooring materials are likely to be interested in vinyl flooring types.

Vinyl materials are derived from polyvinyl chloride and are intended to yield one of the best floor types you will come across. If this may be a new subject for you, this piece will guide you through critical things to focus on when purchasing vinyl flooring.

Explore the Various Styles of Vinyl Floors

There are three popular types of vinyl flooring that you should explore. Vinyl plank flooring ranks top and epitomizes the look of solid hardwood. Over time, they have developed to display better texture, color, and designs.

Homeowners looking for tile-like flooring will be excited by these vinyl floor tiles. They mimic the standard ceramic or porcelain tiles. If you are looking for a continuous huge roll of flooring, sheet vinyl flooring will certainly appeal to you.

Determine the Quality of the Flooring

Vinyl floors vary in quality to suit customer preferences and budgets. You might want to inquire about the floor's finishing. Good quality urethane finishing on vinyl flooring boosts its luster and makes it resistant to scratches. Textured surfaces are best for areas with high traffic since they are durable and slip-resistant.

You should consider waterproof vinyl planks or tiles in areas prone to water damage, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Some vinyl floors will have an extra layer to make them less prone to wear and tear. Luxury vinyl flooring is more equipped with the extra layer for improved durability and comfort.

Examine and Compare Pricing

Different vinyl flooring types and styles are available in various stores at varying prices. Luxury vinyl planks or tiles are relatively more expensive than other alternatives, mainly due to their strength, appeal, durability, and waterproof features.

When accounting for costs, consider factoring in installation costs and additional supplies such as adhesive products. For best results, you could turn to a professional installer.

Look into the Installation Options

There are various ways to install vinyl floors. Depending on your budget and time constraints, it would help to know what you are getting into. Interlocking installation requires the planks to lock into each other securely before planting them on the floor. Other options include using glue to stick the tiles to the floor or loose-lay techniques that spread the tiles or planks without using glue.

Keep your end goals clear when window shopping for vinyl flooring. If you factor in the factors discussed above, you will likely choose and install a quality vinyl floor that meets your expectations. 

Contact a local flooring contractor to learn more about vinyl plank flooring.